March 24th, 2010

That her! She’s perfectly pleasant. Those are more like m80s than henchmen really. And pleasantness and m80havingness is the total opposite of Antisnatter! Maybe she really can help! Mind you, she’s a bit too m80havingnessy, I don’t think she’ll be much interested in destroying anyone, even if they are the Antisnatter.

Snatter still going on though:

“All I needed to do to get my present-powers back was to give someone the present they most wanted in all the world,” he reiterate, as if he didn’t only just say this. But actually it feels like that was a while ago when he last said it? Time feels weird right now, i dunno

“So you keep saying,” say Antisnatter, who can’t seem to work out who Snatter mean but he doesn’t seem worried as nobody can defeat Antisnatter, “but what could this mythical one-person-in-all-the-world-who-can-defeat-me possibly take from you if you didn’t even have your powers? Har har! If you were even capable of building some sort of weapon that could stop me, which you’re not, but even if you could, you’d never give it to anyone who was likely to use it! I know you well enough to know that you would never give a present that would be used to harm someone!”

“Absolutely right!” shout Old Snatter with a big beemy smile. He can remember this now!

“But,” say young Snatter, “I can give any present that would be used to love someone!”



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