March 24th, 2010

“This past month,” Snattergo, “I’ve battled my way through your twelve trials, and they left me broken and exhausted. Afterwards I spent some time recuperating in the Snatterstar’s sick bé. While I was there, Dooley came to visit me, and he told me about a woman he’d been in contact with who was the only person with the powar to defeat you!”

“Don’t be daft,” go Antisnatter.

“No really! He told me he’d met with her already. She was so dangerous that she was being kept within a protective field by her guard, and it was in there that she and Dooley discussed what could be done to stop the destruction that they all knew was on its way!”

Dooley met a powerful lady? She was kept in a protective… Oe!

Hang on, I think I knoe who he’s banging on about actually! The Bigtree told me about a lady called Pandora, who got trapped for ten thousand years in a tea set set out on a little tea tray, and Dooley freed her with some help from the Tray Guard. He said that the little impostor me who was leading you about probably made her out to be, like, this horrible evil witch – but actually she’s not! He only said that because he HATES her so much for being able to defeat antichristmas somehow!

somehow… he wouldn’t say how thoe.

She does have some henchmen (she can’t do it all alone), but they’re not the ones that horrid little snappy thing told you she unleashed on snatter and then went to kill Zordon. Those were just more monsters, manifestations of famine and gluttony, you know the sort of thing. She didn’t even kill Zordon! She didn’t! that was the Blizzard man who did that, the white ninja that actually turned out to be a horrid thing dangling off the Blizzard monster just to fool us.

Fooph this is a bit convoluted isn’t it

But no, in fact, Pandora is really nice, i’d go so far as to say that we adore her!

Pilky, bring up a picture of her with her actual henchmen, there’s a good chap


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