December 1st, 2011

OE THERE YOU ARE, i was just thinking it was about time you lot showed up! Helloe!! 

You can see me tho yeah? You are not merely Aparishions of the Mind due to going barmy going is it christmas yet noe, is it christmas yet no, is it christmas yet. Noe. Starting to get a bit lonely around here I don’t mind saying, and it is very hard waiting so VERY LONG for christmas if there’s nobody else who is also all crimbled-up and excited.

Are you excited about Xmas, felloes?

I am. Let’s think of some thinges that would be lovely about Xmas. Here are they are:

* I would like to open some PRESENTS, that would be fun on xmas. You might get things like A TOYS, such as a toys of a ROBOT, that would be smate, or some LEOG (they are btw called lego BRICKS not LEGGOS, get it right if you’re going to ask fo things for xmas thankyou), or you might get books, but they might be the good sort of books, you know, with bits that do things and pop up and that. OE or you might get those kinds of books that are actually aps. I saw a book that was an ap once, it was alice, and you could tilt the screen and bits would dangle and move. aps are the future of books you mark my words.

* I would like to have a big xmas dinner, using special giant forks so you can eat more all at once, just OM it into your face like that, OM.

* It would be nice, if we could hear some xmas carols, coming from chimney. And we look up and what is in the chimney is SANTER who is here to give us are PRESENTS!

* Also I would like some sylvanian families, I like the elephent ones. They have a little boy elephent and a little girl elephant, and they are lovely, but not as lovely as the little BABY ONES they make, except they don’t make a really little baby elephant. I think they should.

All of these things are what would be nice if it was Christmas. Unfortuantely, because it STILL ISN,T, I have to muck about and WAIT for it to be xmas. What I like to do is stare into the sky when it’s night time, and watch the lovely lights goe past.

Look at the nice lights:

I don’t noe about you, but I think I know who those lights are!!!!

That right it’s SNATTER CLAUS, look at him go, whizzing around! He is the big special man who flies all over the place and puts presents in everyone’s houses, for a secret reason. The secret reason why he doe this, is because he is Dead Dudey.

So I like to look at the lights of Probably Snatter and imagine what Xmas will be like when it eventually is Xmas. I’m so excited! What would be nice is if I could tell ppl I am excited, adn then they could go “yes, I am also that.” But they won’t talk to me. 

I’ve had a lot of time by myself actually so, I’ve been able to do some thinking a lot. Unitl the other ppl start talking again, I anticipate having a lot of time to think about interesting things. I’ve thought of one very interesting thing in particuler actually, which I think you will be very interested in, as it is to do with Christmas, which we like.

It’s a secret, but I’ll still tell you because you’re m80s.

OE! But first, look at this weird thing I found! Yeah! I found it in my stocking! It was probly quite funny as I was actually wearing the stocking, hehehe, i’d just put it on and i stood up and went WOO! over onto my face hehehe. If it had been on telly my face would have gone *HONK* when it bumped into the floor, but it isn’t so instead it made nearly no sound but really hurt. I’m ok tho now. it’s a good job i didn’t have a wobbly tooth thoe! Once I had a wobbly tooth and my face went HONK onto the floor, hehehe, and the tooth went too wobbly and bled :O but that didn’t happen today, i was ok.

So I had a look in my stocking, and here is what I found!

Look! Isn’t that interesting! I have checked and it has TWENTY FOR sides, and each one has a number on! Now! I noe what you’re thinking! But I couldn’t get any of the sides to come open, that’s the trouble. And I’ve had a lot of time on my own in which to try!

It’s sad that nobody is excited about Christmas, or talking to me. 

Or doing anything at all except for nothing. Look at these ppl, look:

See, ok those two kids are supposed to actually be spleeing anyway, but they are not just asplee, they are floating over their beds in a VERY DPEE SPLEE. Also outside, you can see through the window look, there are other ppl in a deep spleep, and they’re floating about as well!

It’s like that all over everywhere! Everyone’s just like, ZZZ. Not a creature is stirring at all. Look not even that mouse is stirring. It’s just, ZZZ. well, it’s little, so it is going zz.

it’s going zzz. HEHEHE

They never wake up.  I hoep they’re just spleeing so that Xmas comes faster, I have wondered about doing that. In fact I have done it, not much else to do when everyone’s asleep, but I woke up and it STILL WASN’T XMAS. that always happens when you try and sleep to wait for xmas though doesn’t it, i have noticed 

It’s like that everywhere.


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