December 3rd, 2011

Ok, hello again. You weren’t looking just now when some things happened, so I shall fill you in on what you missed, but basically we are now on our way with this M8s bloke to see something called the Main Christmas Effect Generator, which sounds quite exciting. You know how M8s was carrying a sort of snowman-looking containment pod thingy and we got a chocolate shaped like it? Well what happened when you weren’t paying attention was, I asked M8s what that was. He didn’t say at first, but I continued to ask obviously, using my Initiative, and eventually he said that it was for storing unique manifestive living matter inside, ok?? I ask what he mean, and he say it’s like an egg, but for a magic christmas thing to live in until it’s time for it to wake up.

He put down the podd and made the front bit of it open using a special hollygram glove thing that tells machines to do things.

I asked what his special glove thing is called, and he say it is called his Om-nomnitool. He fiddled on it, and this happened:

Yeah, pod opened, and inside it he pulled out a big leafy bud thing!

Anyway, he wants to make that open, and apparently to do that you have to take it to the main Christmas Effect Generator, because Christmas will make it open. I don’t know about you, but I’m betting that’s going to grow up to be a CHRISTMAS TREE! What other sort of plant would need Christmas energy to grow?

So we’ve been walking down corridors, and the creepy thing is, there’s lots of frozen ppl there. Frozen little men with pointy hats, who M8s say are called Elves, and frozen other ppl who M8s say are called his Team, and frozen peas, who M8s say were visiting from the Poddington System and it was basically just bad timing.

But that’s why we are currently in this big massive dark room, with a huge machine at the front of it that is gloeing with christmas light! That is called the Christmas Effect Generater, and i can see things goeing on inside the machine that is keeping it sparkly like that. It’s VERY pretty.

There’s also a person here who is supposed to be overseeing it all, but they are floating in the air. That doesn’t seem very helpful. I like that idea one of you had of trying to wake up sleeping ppl by wiggling they, maybe that actually would help in this instance.

M8s, is it all right if we wiggle that floating person?

Ok, he say we should try and just wake them up with shouting first. We should shout their name. M8s, what is that person’s name?

Oe, he say that the floating person is called RUDOLPH.

WAIT, RUDOLPH? The reindeer?? But why is he in all funny clothes?? Oe ok, apparently him funny clothes are keeping him warm because he recently have a cold, and if he didn’t wear the clothes then he would just get really poorly and that. Ok, that makes sense. OK. I will shout.

Everybody shout actually.




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