December 2nd, 2011

Hello everybody! Yes, I like Xmas too. WELL I SUPPOSE I WOULD, if I’m right and I really am The Spirit of Christmas!

Now, I noe that’s a pretty weird theory to have, so to avoid creating a bit of a ster I will present my evidence. It’s just that it WOULD EXPLAIN a few things about myself that I never really thought about until recently. Here are the things:

Number 1) When I think about it, I only actually have memories from Christmas. Yeah? Like if someone went “Oe, what happened 3 years ago?” I’d reply “well! we had a rib burger and chips for lunch, and in the crackers were little toys, not just stupid things really good ones of characters from one of the games I got that year, but I mainly wanted to go back to the living room because my presents were there” and they would have fallen over dead of boredom because they meant what happened 3 years ago in the News, or something, but all I knoe about is Christmas. Ok that is thing 1

Number 2) I can bing off to anywhere there’s a xmas tree, or other Christmasserliness. Yeah, you’d have thought that would be a big clu but I only thought about it recently, just because it’s something I’ve always been able to do! I can *bing* to any Xmas based area, even if I’ve never been there! So if there are decorations up at school or at the shops etc, I do not need to go on the bus, I can just be there straight away, because it is christmassy. It’s quite special.

Compelling evidence all, but then there is thing:

Number 3) Which is that I have actually tested my hypothosis with real testing. You see, I thought that if I was the Spirit of Christmas, then that could only be true if I could make someone feel quite Christmassy, yeah? Buuut, thoe, but everyone I can find here, even if I walk for AGES AND AGES, is fast asleep and hovering in the sky! So they’re no good, I can’t spread festive cheer to them, so I probably am not the Sprit of Christmas because if I was then I could. But I thought of one more thing. The Spirit of Christmas as we all noe endures even under extreme circumstances, like there might be a dad who is grumpy, but by the end because of christmas he will learn what is truly important and goe to him son’s sports game etc. Or there might be an old man neighbour who everyone thinks is creepy, but because of xmas it is discovered that he is realy have a heart of gold, discovered through the medium of shoveling. That sort of thing.

SO I went, “if i was the spirit of xmas, I could spread xmas chere right now even though there’s nobody here,” and I concentrated to see what would happen.


See?? I must be the Actual Spirit of Actual Christmas or that would not have worked!! This is VERY EXCITING if it’s true, because it makes me connected with Xmas or something!!! I mean I’m not important like Snatter Claus is, but I dunno, probably I have got some Powers or something. I intend to investigate this.


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