December 7th, 2011

Ah, brilliant, you lot are here. We found him! Here’s M8s, and he’s pls’d to see us. He says he’s heard from some members of his special missions crew, they are the ppl we’ve been meeting like Snowman and blue ppl, and so he’s hoping we can wake up the next member of him crew.

Funny thing is thoe, look over there at who I noticed just now as we were on our way to find the new crewmember. Someone very strange to find lurking about on a Christmas space ship. I couldn’t see whu it was back then but he’s turning round now look…

Oe, it the ghost of the actor Liam Neeson. Hullo Ghost Of Actor Liam Neeson. I wonder what does he want??

Anyway never mind that, we’ere there now. This new member of M8s’ crew is a special man from space, and M8s say he one of the best at the thing he does, which is something or other.

He’s just in here, in the “Life Support” rume, so let’s go in.


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