December 9th, 2011

“I return from my endless sleep (well obviously not endless, but you know what I mean, it would’ve been, except obviously you lot managed to, well, you know what I mean anyway) to RESCUE CHRISTMAS!!”

Wow m80s, wow!! Me & Nobbly fitted the Yulices together into one great big sextuple (HEHE) Yulix, and there was a giant BLAM of lightning, and in a huge giant BOO of power, SNATTER APPEARED BEFORE US!!

He’s landed down on the flore now and everyone’s crowding round.

“Snatter!” go M8s, “We are all so glad to see you! We thought you were gone, and that we were all that was left!”

“NAY,” go Snater, he’s being a bit grand I think, maybe it’s part of the Yulix magic, “I LIVE. It was always known that I would eventually be able to return, even if the ages had been so numerous that they would have reduced the galaxy to ash, except of course it was frozen in time and yeah you know what I mean. Has the disaster been averted?”

M8s go, “No, Claus! We don’t know what caused it! We were hoping we could set things right somehow, but we have nothing! No clues, Claus! No leads whatsoever!”

“And yet we are alive and able to move about?” Snatter go. “How can this be? The Silent Night enfolded the galaxy, all should be frozen in time!”

“I think,” say Captain Jack, “the Spirit of Christmas is with us.”

hehehe! <3 <3 he mentioned me <3

“Then I really have awoken at the end of the nightmare,” Snatter go. “Perhaps, if we, at least, can remain unfrozen, and maybe even awaken the rest of the crew, then we might stand a chance. Christmas Eve could reach a conclusion yet. I know where we shall begin. If it is possible to wake individuals by spreading Christmas Spirit, then there are two who I have long been meaning to visit…”

and he pull out a litle snappy-open photo thing.


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