December 10th, 2011

So, all appear to be agreed that I can wake ppl up from an otherwise impenetrable slumb’re with my amazing Xmas Spirit abilities! ibibib. I wonder why that is? I noe I will ask captain jack.

no it’s ok nobbly i will ask him

i will ask.

no me.

ok i am now skipping over to jack, it is a girl secret that skipping is actually the fastest way of moving, boys don’t knoe that which is why we always get to places on time and they are late. hehe, i have reached jack first <3

Captain Jaaack? Captain Jack why am I able to wake ppl up from a splee that nobody else can wake ppl up from?

“Oh, I think I’ve met kids like you two,” say Captain Jack. “You’re way too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve, and sometimes you’re so excited you wake other people up too, right?”

oee, oee it’s like he noes the real me inside <3

Here’s M8s. What do YOU want, M8s?

“There’s another crewmember I’d like you to wake up. I’ll warn you though, she’s a little bit eerie.”

o really?

“Yeah. Come on, this way.”

OK. O, the ten dore is opening anyway, let’s see what we get… Chocklate of a skeleton. That’s … that’s also eerie.

hm. Let’s nom that in a cautious way. Hang on, wait, hang on. M8s, look, our chockalates are of skeletons. Just want to ask. This eerie crew person isn’t actually evil and going to skeletonise us?

Oh, ok. He says definitely not, he’s known her for decades and she’s scary but not dangerous.

I just want to check tho. This isn’t one of those things where it looks fine but the chocko was a harbindjer of things to come. Yeh?



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