December 11th, 2011

After yesterday’s nasty surprise, Snatter have been hiding in his quarters and we’ve not known what to do. Everyone’s been looking at each other and going “what do we do”

But then Snatter’s voice came over the tannoy and said, in an only very slightly blooey way, that he is going back to what he was doing before he disappeared off into the Yulices: it’s Christmas Eve, and he’s going to continue delivering presents. And while he does that, he’s going to follow whatever horrible monster it was that killed him mumm & dadd. > WHAT MONSTER WOULD KILL SNATTER PARENTS INTO SKELLOTONS??

Now, the crew were quick to point out that it’s always Christmas Eve, due to this frozen-time problem, and that really it’s only Snatter and him m8s who stand any chance at fixing it due to being the only ppl anywhere who can move and talk etc, and that maybe that should be priority, but it was decided that Snatter need’s time to get his head together, and so we should do what he say for now.

Also what sort of beest anyway could survive the freezing of everyone in time? It would have to have been in some sort of deep containment, so im penny tribble that it isn’t even tribbled by the normal rules of things.

Anyway what it means is we’re going to be visiting some interesting places. Such as for example today. We – that is me, Nobbly, and some of M8s’ crew – ‘ve just taken the ship’s shuttle and set down on another weird alien planet, where Snatter have been for some hours, delivering presents to all the houses here that have children in.

Well, I say houses, they’re more like pods, or bulbs. Weird planty cauldron-looking things, I dunno. And I say children, they’re alien ones obv, so they’re sort of lumpy-shaped and stretchy-necked. Sweet tho, altho Nobbly doesn’t think so, he’s a bit scared of them, because he is a huge wimp. So we’ve been looking at these things on the screens for a while not really wanting to get out of the shuttle rocket thingy in case it isn’t safe out there, but now we’ve been stuck inside for that long that we decided to get out and stretch our legs

but NOBBLY here is still scep tickle about me being the Spirit of Christmas.

“Yeh. I just think it’s unlikely that some little kid would be the Spirit of Christmas, that is all.”

Listen nobbly, I’m not saying I’m the Spirit of Christmas because I want to be! It is… my responsiblity, my… curse.

(that was a very cool thing to say, let me check if, gah no jack wasn’t watching, o well)

“It is your made up idea that isn’t actually true tho.”

Um it is true tho!

“Um it isn’t tho!”

RIGHT well then I’ll tell you what, I will prove it’s true. Right, let’s see. What can I do that would prove I’m the Spirit of Christmas. Right, ok, see this little patch of plants and things here?

“The one with the singing mushroom in it?”

ye I’m trying to ignore that, it’s a bit weird. Well watch… THIS! Yeah! There! See that! I made a big Christmas Tree appear, that is definitely Christmassey.

“No you didn’t.”

Yes I did! You can’t pretend this was here just a minute ago!

“No but it isn’t a Xmas Tree. It’s just a point made of nobbles.”

Well, OBVIOUSLY, I made a Xmas Tree of the SORT of tree they have HERE on this planet!

“Maybe a tree, you might be the spirit of trees, but it’s not a Christmas Tree, it’s just some nobbles in a triangle. Maybe you are The Spirit of Triangular Nobbles, omlo. Where’s all the colours and decos?”

Well maybe this local will noe. Look, there’s an alien just here, frozen as if he was tending to the plants before he got frozen. I think he’s waking up, we’ll ask him.

“Maybe he is not qualified to noe, he might be a novelist alien or a binman alien rather than a tree-knowing-about alien.”

Well I’ll ask him. Hulloa, local waddly bloke? What is your job?





hehe, sorry everybody, sorry it wasn’t funny really, hehehe, what he really said was that he is a Botanist, but it just gave us the giggles, hehe.

Ok, that means you noe all about plants, doesn’t it? Ye, he says ye. Well that’s ideal for our purposes. We wanted you to identify this tree here. Is it a normal tree, or a Xmas tree?

Waddly man is examining it, and he’s found a little plug coming off it! What does that mean, waddly?


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