December 17th, 2011

Nobbly’s been having a Critique about my proof of being the Spirit of Christmas. He reckons I can only make Xmas Trees appear, not other Xmas things, and that that is not all that superduper, merely super. So I showed him!

We went down to a planet where there was this funny little bloke trying to get as high up as he could on little moving platforms, but baddies were nipping at him and trying to push him off. Well! Instead of making just a native Xmas Tree appear there, I made EVERYTHING into different Christmassy things, the platforms, the monsters, and even him. Look! Look how happy and festive it all turned out to be!

He was a bit bewildered by it, but I think my point was made. (Anyway he looked bewildered to begin with anyway.) Another planet made all festive by the Spirit Of Christmas!

Ok, well I’ve been having a wander about on the ship since then, and look what I found!

Look at this massive head floating about near the corpse we found! Who im this??

“I noe who that im!”

oe, do you nobbly, that’s good. hu?

“It im the Head of the Actor Richard Burton! (Surprised you couldn’t tell, it look just like him.)”

ooeee, that explains why someone mentioned the head of the actor Richard Burton when I saw the ghost of the actor Liam Neeson. But what’s he doing here?

“He’s been the Head of Elf School since Snatter was little, and he rules it with an iron “

an iron what, fist? thumb?

“No stupid he’s just a head, he doesn’t have fists or thums. Just an iron.”

o, what, just an iron?

“Ye. Anyway he isn’t usually sad, that is a sorry state of affairs. WAIT A MINUTE THO, he is moping about near the HEEADDDLLESSS corpse! You don’t think….???”


“Yep?” he bume. Whoa, you’ve got a really bumey voice, The Head of the Actor Richard Burton. Well we were just noticing that you were lurking about near this body with no head and being all :C and we wondered whether that might be because it is YOUR body?

“It is so!” he say sadly. “I thought I would never see it again!”

“Hey the head of the etc etc,” go Nobbly, he actually said it like that, “I never asked actually, how did you actually lose your head in the first place?”

“Ahhh, I remember the day all too well….. wait hang on no I don’t. I haven’t the first blithering idea how I lost my head actually. I think I just came over all funny and the next thing I knew I was the Head of the Actor Richard Burton.”

Well that’s not a very good origin story, The Head of the Actor Richard Burton!

“No, I know, sorry. I suppose I was just having a funny turn that day. Who knows what I must have managed to wander into. You can get into all sorts of scrapes if you aren’t concentrating, I must’ve ended up getting my head lopped off. Unpleasant business, but the up-side is I was so distracted I can’t remember it happened it all!”



Not talking to you, nobbly. I’m just hmmming to myself.

“wot about?”

NOT TALKING TO YOU oh fine all right, what I was thinking was, that, I’ve been quite good at remembering Christmas things this year. Right? Like when I was remembering those things about Snatter that were the Yulix memories, I was remembering them so hard that it’s almost like I was able to actually SEE them. Yeh?

“ohhh yeaahhh. Me too! That’s how our M80s kept pointing out that little dragonny thing that turned out to secretly be a blue box with a bloke in it!”

yeah! Well maybe that’s because my Spirit of Christmas powers allow us to see Christmas things happening in Times Gone By! Yeah? So, maybe if I try and remember really hard, I’ll be able to SEE the moment when this bloke got his head lopped off and became The Head Of The Actor Richard Burton.

“O yeah! Won’t that be dead gross though?”

YEAH! ok here we go redy?


rememberinnng… rememberrrinnggg…. oooe my head is going sparrklyyy…. ooooooo…. rememberinnngggg….



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