December 18th, 2011

Hmm. Drrrrrrrrrrr has regenerated. I’m not sure how much help he’s going to be now.

That’s him. He says his name’s Angelo now, and mainly he prats about, acts like a big baby and sits on the ceiling. Seriously, sitting on the ceiling is like his MAIN THING. He’s never happier than when he’s showing off the fact that he can do that. And like, the first time, you are all “oh that’s good,” but then after that it’s like he has to do it, what, EVERY time? And you’re just, why? This is not useful in this situation Angelo. I mean fair play to the chap but he’s not as helpful as he was a minute ago.

“Doctor. Sorry, ANGELO,” that’s nobbly, he’s been pestering him ever since, trying to get some sense out of him. “Seriously. Try and remember.”

Nope. Nothing. Just a lot of chuckling and gurning. Brilliant, NOW what are we meant to do about the Bobs? I’ve had Bobs on the brain all December, and now there’s nobody around who can tell me what that even means!

I mean look at this. Dore 18 opened – here you are btw everyone, chockles in the shape of a big robot of some sort, with a big claw on one side and a big cannon on the other side or something? – and I got a Bobs message and it went “mihedividlliwew” and this time yesterday that Drrrrrrrrrrrrr might have helped with that, but now he’s just pratting about!

And what’s going on with Snatter and everyone anyway? Snatter’s still determined to visit loads of planets and deliver presents, M8s is all about tracking down the Antisnatter, and goodness knows what Burgess was on about, he seems to be mainly interested in being a spoilsport and stopping Snatter from delivering his presents.

“I reckon we should get M8s to tell us exactly what’s happening you noe.”

yeah that’s not a bad idea actually nobbly. Let’s find him, have you seen him about?

“Yeah he’s there.”



o yeh. M8s, we would like to knoe what’s actually going on pls?

“Well, it’s interesting,” go M8s. “We’ve been plotting the creature’s progress on the map of the galaxy, and it looked like a meaningless jumble. BUT. When you rotate the map a certain way, look what happens:

o yeah!

“See? It describes a star shape. And that means we have a very good idea what his plan is.”

o rly? What?

“After he’s visited the rest of the points on the star, then he’ll move into the central point which, if we look it up on the database… has never been charted.”

what, nobody’s ever been there?

“Nobody who wrote down what was there, no. Which means there’s a very high probability that what we are looking at here is the location of the Christmas Star itself!”

oe blimey!

“Yeah, oe blimey!” Nobblygo. “You noe what we should do, we should just forget about all those other planets, and just goe straight to there!”

“Exactly.” say M8s. “And that’s exactly what we’ve done. Claus has agreed to it, on the grounds that he needs to find and consult with the Christmas Star.”

well what are we waiting for then! let’s goe!

“Nothing! We have!”


“We’re there! Look out the window!”

oe yeah!!

Does this mean we can talk to the Grand Father Tree now?

“We tried, but it isn’t replying. We think it will take a great display of Christmassiness to rouse it.”


“I tell you what we did find though, we did find evidence of the Antisnatter’s presence on a nearby planet. A few members of the crew have flown down there to find out whether the findings were signifi—“

oe! Everyone suddenly did a little jump then, because a bloop bloop thing went off on M8s’ arm! He’s pressed his Omnomnitool and a screen’s come up. It’s the crew!

“Captain M8s, come in! Emergency!” It’s Spotty man. “We’ve found the target, and… something’s happened to Zool!!”

“You actually found the creature??” go M8s. “Is it the Antisanta, as we suspected?”

“Tricky to tell. Whatever it is… it’s dead.”


“See for yourself, sir. It’s dried-up and cold. There’s a snapping little imp-like thing trapped inside the ribcage, but the body of the creature itself has fallen, lifeless! But that’s not all, sir! It’s Zool!”

“What about Zool??”

“He took one look at it and… went funny, sir. He’s speaking in a strange croakey voice, actually he sounds a bit like those ETs on that first planet.”

“Put him on!!”

and the crew put Zool onto the screen. He’s looking a bit weird.

“CHOOSE” he goe.

“Zool? Are you all right?” say M8s


“What do you mean, choose?” M8s go. “I don’t understand.”


“He’s been on at us like this for a while,” go Spottiman “Our best guess is that whatever awful creature inhabited this body, it’s speaking through him somehow!”

“Choose the form of the destructor?” go M8s, “what does he mean?”

I bet I noe, m8s.


I bet I noe what he means. I bet he means, that the monster has ascended physical form by performing some sort of evil spell, and now he’s going to inhabit some other shape and destroy us all. And we’re supposed to choose what form. And then, when we’ve chosen something, it’ll appear in that shape (only big & mean probably), and it’ll smash up our houses, and blow up christmas and cause destructive harm.


“What??” go M8s “nobody chose anything!!”


what’s that nobbly?

“er, i think I just chose something by mistake.”

what??? what have you chosen?? what form will the Antisnatter take to come and wreck Christmas???? :O

Nobbly looks distraught as him saye the words that don’t mean nuffin to me:

“…it’s Mecha Snatter M8.”


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