December 20th, 2011

I reckon maybe later after this is all blown over, perhaps we’ll have to meet up one day and just remember bits from Mario film.

Anyway, never mind that now, because we’re all still restively reeling from the news that there’s a BOB-OMB somewhere on the ship, and there’s absolutely no way for us to track it down!!

…oe wait hang on, didn’t The Drrrrrrrrrrrrrr say that the funny space advent calender is actually a Bob-Ometer?? I bet that would be precisely the right sort of device that would be useful for finding a hidden Bob-Omb!

“Hey! Good point!” go nobbly, “for a girl you sometimes actually say things that aren’t useless!”

daw thanks :3 wait pardon? OK! Let’s see what we can do with it. Come on Bobometer, show me the way to the Bob-Omb!

Well, a dore’s opening, maybe that’s – – – oooe – – – ooooooeee – – – OO. edamneebydaerlasahdnanoosedameblliwnoisicedeht –oeeeoo – -ooooo.

Nnnm. It’s getting harder to get chockles out of this, the backwards messages are getting really overwhelming

Chockle is a little chockle bobomb :3

Oh yeah, wait, forget eating chocklates (omnom) I’m supposed (nom) to be finding this bomb. I’m not sure what the Bobometer is meant to do to show us where Bob-Ombs are, like shake or pull me along or something? Cause it isn’t doing any of that sort of thing.

“Oe, you knoe why it is,” go nobbly. “It’s because that’s a Bobometer.”

Yeah? That’s why I thought it would be useful!

“No, that’s only going to find Bobs. What we need is a Bobombometer.”

oe yeah. I don’t think there is such a thing as one of those.

“There is!” That was the voice of Stevi saying that! What’s up Stevi, are you aware of such a device?

“Yep, and not only does one exist in the world generally, we’ve got ’em on board the ship! Try the room four doors down the corridor on the right.”

ok! This one? “Noe.” This one? “Noe.” This one? “Noe!” This one. “Yeah that one, I said, four doors down. Now, go in there and you ought to find…. ta-daa!”

ooe, what is it? It’s like a big box on the wall with a button saying “Bobombometer”

“Yep, that’s the ship’s Bobombometer Emitter. Pressed it?”

Yep! Got one!

“Let’s have a goe.” ok nobbly, here you are. “Hmmm, interesting. We seem to be nearby. I can’t really tell which way it’s leading us, let’s try this way and see what happens.”

can I have a look?

“In a minute, I’m comparing the responses, I need to concentrate.”

let me see!

“No. Now then according to my calculations…”

you mean according to that bobomometer.

“No, I don’t, this thing’s not being very helpful at all. Wherever we goe, it just says the bob-omb is here, or under us, or around us or something.”

b-b-but what if it is??

“Well… I don’t noe. But I can’t see one, can you?”

noe, but they walk about, so it could be in the flore or something, following us around!

“Nope,” Stevi say, “I’ve got little movement sensors in places like that so I know if there’s rats or something. Nope, no bob-ombs in the floor. Or the ceiling, but that’s the next floor up, obviously.”

well… where is it then??


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