December 19th, 2011

I think something really bad is happening m80s

Nobbly has gone all quiet and scared, but also somehow at the same time running back and forth like a maniac. M8s looks like he’s steeling himself up for something. The crew don’t really knoe what’s going on but they can tell it’s serious and they might have to give their lives fighting.

I’m really worried

What if this horrible thing that’s about to manifest and destroy Christmas is successful in DESTROYING CHRISTMAS!! I’m going to – ok I think I can probably – hang on… nnng…. ..No it’s too hard, I’m not Christmassey enough! Nobbly, do you think there’s anything you can do to help?

“What sort of thing?? D:”

I don’t noe, like, magic!

“I can’t DO magic what do I look like flippin WIZBIT???”

ok. ok. sorry I’m just panicking!

Captain M8s steps up to address everybody and try to settle them down.

“This is your captain speaking,” he goe. “This may be the biggest most scary thing we’ve ever faced, but we know what it is we have to do. We all knoe what happened on Button Moon. We saw the scattered glass, we saw the strewn spunes, we saw what the Antisnatter did. And I plan to make him pay! Mecha Snatter isn’t a threat to us, it’s a threat to everything — everyone. Those are the lives we’re fighting for, that’s the scale. But we can do this!” Everyone’s looking up at M8s with respect and admiration! “Mecha Snatter’s not even alive,” he goe, “not really. It’s just a machine, and machines can be wiggled.

Suddenly everyone looks around in scaredness as a deep rumbling spreads out across the ship. “It’s him… he’s ascending into his new form,” goe Spottyman. “i love you BYEBYE” say Buxton, rather pessimistickly I thought. The ship shakes and we all stumble a bit! Mr Bump’s completely done for, look there he goe.

And then suddenly… it’s all gone quiet.

quiettiness settles over the ship.

quiettiness persists in having settled.

Rudolf turn up from the engine rume. “Look,” he goe, “out the wimdow!” And out of the window is nothing, just blank space, with a reddish cloudy haze spreading outwards.

“A reddish cloudy haze,” he goe! “Spreading outwards!”

“Can this be the creature we are dreading?” go Snoman. “When you said Mecha Snatter I was expecting that great titan that wrecks the place, not a wispy spread of invisible!”

“No,” agree M8s. It is a bit suspicious. I wonder what he’s up to…”

And at that moment, a voice bume out over the ship’s intercom!

“Right! Er, so! Ought to pop in, I reckon, at this juncture,” hehehe, he’s got a funny voice this voice.

“Yeh, it sound like a farmer, who im in the middle of considering something he suspects he’s wrong about and is just starting to realise doesn’t matter anyway.”

hehe yeah nobbly he does a bit

“Aaand let you know, that there’s a bit of a message coming through.”

“What!” M8s say suddenly. “Who’s it from, Stevi?”

“Doesn’t say, but I’ll warn you, ooooh, he’s a scary one! Not keen on this one, you’ll want to avoid him if possible. If I’m getting it right, he seems to be mainly interested in some sort of terrible revenge. Some sort of terrible revenge apparently, don’t know if you’re interested there. What do you reckon?”

“Hold on.” And M8s press some buttuns on a control thingy, and up pops Stevi, the ship’s computer!

“Ello! So, what do we reckon then?” he goe

“Let’s not keep them waiting.” say M8s. “Let’s hear what they have to say. Put them through.”

“Ah, well, should’ve said, this one’s actually a prerecorded message, which has just been beamed over to us. Ok? Here goes!”

and a big terrible voice now rattle and screech over the speakers, it’s a voice of horrible horror!

“GREETINGS, all of you! Some of you may recognise my voice if we’ve met before, others may not. I am the Antisanta, feared by the festive, scourge of the seasonal. If you are able to hear this message, then I have ascended. My spell worked, I have left my wrecked physical form and taken on whichever guise you selected for me at the moment the first of you came too close to my corpse. The way it was meant to work was as a sort of ironic punchline, sort of thing. You’d think of something really sweet and lovely for my new form, thinking I’d be unable to do any evil in that form, and then I’d show up as a big giant scary version of whatever it was, and wreak the usual havoc. However! I realised, at the time, that this plan could certainly backfire, and that by some loophole I haven’t considered, you theoretically might manage to choose for me a form that might not be conducive to my final revenge.

“And, sadly… this does appear to have happened. If my plan had worked out exactly as I intended it, my first act would have been to cancel transmission of this message, so if you can hear it, well done, you got me, I’m stuck in some unhelpful form, and the whole thing’s gone a bit to pot.

“But no matter! I anticipated this, as you can tell, and so, just in case, I thought I’d go with a rather crude Plan B while I get things sorted out. Namely, I’ve hidden a bomb on your ship!”

Gasps all round!

“Yes! A bit basic, I realise, but there we are, it’s effective if it works. So yes, a bomb on your ship, and I’ve surrounded it with a cloaking field, so you won’t be able to locate it in time before it goes off, which it should do in just a few short days. Yes, days, I’d rather destroy you myself, so I’ve given myself plenty of time in which to sort myself out. It’s just long enough for me to get my revenge if it’s available, but not long enough for you to locate and defuse the bomb! Goodbye!”

And he gone!

ooe dear 

Well, while everyone tries to work out where the bomb is, let’s have a chocolate shall we? The calender thingy has opened 19 dore. Should we still be eating these things? What was it the Drrrrrrrrrrrrrr said this was? He said it wasn’t a calender didn’t he?

“Don’t care, let’s have chockoes.”

yeh. Ok, they are of a sort of… it’s like… it’s like a picture of a big robot with horns, but he’s gone sort-of swooshy and bendy? like he’s doing a dance or something?

“Like he’s wiggling?”


OOEEE IT’S… THEY’RE SO LOUD OEOE…. gnorwsisihtdnanamenosisualCatnaS OE. ok I hate that now.


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