December 23rd, 2011

“I have never been able fully to recall the circumstances that led to my present condition,” go The Head of the Actor Richard Burton. “Only that there was a great sensation of fizzing and sparkling, and voices in my ears. The world was gone from around me, and all I saw instead were two men, one living, the other, dead. A man and a ghost, flying at me, while all around, the world was nothing but rushing colour. And then, at the end of it, I was the Head of the Actor Richard Burton, nothing more.”

This is a very interesting story. Let’s nom chocolates while we listen as that will make it go by faster. Here we goe, I’ve got them here in me wreath. Today’s chockle is… oe. Boring. They’re just hexagons. I think they’ve forgot to emboss the shapes on it this time and we’ve just got the base of the chockle. The boss of the calender factory should’ve enbossed his staff to emboss them properly.

“But I have never forgotten the sound of those words,” o yeah burton is going on. “like the chattering of a billion souls being run in reverse. I can imitate it rather well, I’ve been practicing. They goe:



Did anyone else notice the chockle tingling in their face just now when he uttered those words?? It feels like there’s a great concentration of – – woeeee – – of sparkly bobs going through the air!!

It’s all whipping about! Look! I can see them! Sparklies! They’re everywhere!! They’re swishing around us all and gathering in one spot!! THey’re forming a single shape!! OEeeee!!

I can hear them in my head being all sparkly again!! They goe,


They’re whizzing and sparkling, and turning into a … into a person! Oe Bobs! Oe Bob Separation, the race who share a mind! The single soul divided into billions of fragments is sticking together again! What creature will be created by the joining of these beings!! We will meet the single creature their whole species constitutes!! oeoeeeee – —






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