December 22nd, 2011

wwelll… it’s just that… oe!

“Everybody clear out of the way!! This girl needs medical attention!!”

ok, no, as it happens, since you ask, I don’t have any blimmin idea why M8s is rushing us through the ship to the medickle bay, because I’m completely fine. He’s got it into himm’e head that Bobs On The Brain is a very bad thing to have, even though it’s obviously fine. I noe I get these messages and that, but then I’m fine, and he’s completely overreacting!

“We don’t know that,” insist M8s. “Even your friends agree those messages could be part of the Antisnatter’s plan. Maybe he is the Bobs?”

WHAT what what WHAT what. If the Antisnatter was made out of bobs, we would noe by now, because he would be constantly whizzing back and forth in bits. And anyway, the bobs were here when Antisnatter had not yet ascended out of his body and into a big dissipated cloud of evil in space.

“But you heard what it sounds like when the messages are reversed! (Thanks Pinball Wizard, you’ve been a great help.)”

yeh THANKS pinball blimmin WIZARD, now M8s thinks we’re being attacked by brain-Antisnatters and we haven’t got any CHOCKLES left, nice work SHERLOCK.

“Don’t get at him, he was absolutely right. Those messages make a lot more sense in that order, and why not? The actual words they’re made out of are backwards as well, it stands to reason you’re being communicated with by something or someone that is travelling backwards in time!”

“Hey actually,” nobblygo, “that’s something like what Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr said about the Bobs. That they can go any way they want in time without even thinking or bothering about it at all!”

Yeah! That’s right! It was something like… oh what did he say… something like, they are so big and multidimensional, that they move in any direction they want through time, because they’re bigger than that somehow. They’re not in time the same way we are, they exist beyond the boundaries of what we knoe as time!!


bume a bumey voice from inside a dore. And out steppes… SNATTER CLAUS HIMSELF


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