December 25th, 2011

Crawling out from inside the Christmas Star!! It im the Grand Father Tynsil himself!! Him boughs are warm and festive! Him roots are powerful and reaching! He drag himself through space like a space beast… out towards the Yulicron Nebula!!

“What’s it doing??” go M8s. “This is unprecedented! The Grand Father has never ventured outside the star in all recorded history!!

“I believe,” go Snatter, “it is going to attempt to put the whole thing right, once and for all.”

“What, Silent Night?”

“More than that! ALL of it!!”

“The eternal battle between Christmas and Antichristmas,” go Burgess, joining in with all the dramatic rhetoric that’s sizzling about the place. “Elemental forces clashing in the heat of spacefight! This could be the moment when all is decided!”

“But what can defeat a Mecha Snatter who cannot be wiggled??” go Nobbly, “It is made out of dust and gas! What can the tree even du?”

And yet, up in space, “Nooooo!!!” bume Antisnatter, as the grandfather tree creeps slowly towards him, roots raised like defensive tendrils, sinking into the cloud-flesh of the mighty evil nebula!

I think the big tree have a PLAN.


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