December 25th, 2011

There he goe! Look at nobbly dragging himself over to Bob Wholeness, he im the very picture of exhaustion, poor nobbly. Revived after hundreds of years in stasis, smuggled here from goodness noes what time period, probably snatched in him splee! He’s so tired, but help is at hand!


“Yes young man?”


And Bob deliver him FIRST CUPPA OF THE DAY! We all noe what it is like to not have had your first brew of the day, how lovely it is when you finally have it! Poor nobbly here hasn’t had his morning cuppa since HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO, when Captain M8s saw that trouble was abrewing and smuggled Nobbly into stasis to wait out the centuries until things changed and sheer Christmas Spirit alone (that’s me! ) began to revive the crewmembers!

IMAGINE m80s what that cuppa will taste like, after so many years!!




after you, nobbly tree chap!!

Ppl are following behind us as we goe, curious to see how we will do it! But it’s so obvious! For centuries, Snatter has been fuelling the Christmas Effect Generator. I’m betting it’s PRETTY CHRISTMASSY.

“It is,” go M8s. “Christmassy enough to revive your friend, Christmassy enough to power Santa’s very own spaceship. The festive energy of the Christmas Effect Generator is matched only by that of the Christmas Star!”

EXACTLY. This is going to be the Christmassiest BOO anyone ever saw! Is it this dore yeah?


Nobbly go through dore, and there’s Rude Olf chucking presents in, it’s him job to keep the furnace fed with Christmassy things!

“HELLO RUDOLF” go Nobbly!

“Hullo, nobbly tree chap,” go Rudolph.

“Gimme those controls a minute!”

“Er,” go rudolph looking up uncertainly, but M8s and Snatter both give him a nod. “Fair enough.”

“The Christmas Effect generater is our only hoep!” go nobbly, seezing the controls! “Wake up Grand Father Bigtree, we need your Christmas powers!!”

And the dores BOO open, and the Christmas beem BOO out, and the beem BOO into the side of the Christmas Star! Twinkly light im twinkling out of the big star!

And… what this…



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