December 7th, 2007

I knew i’d seen that shape somewhere before!!

ok m8s, things are getting a bit odd now.

I did goe back to Head’s office and sure enough there was that thingy on himme’s desk. I was a bit worried because I couldn’t tell in the picture from before whetrher it was a bit of paper or a gun, but then i thought haha what’s he going to do, shoot me using his noes? ha ha ha


But he wasn’t in himme’es office anyway, and I just went over to the desk and picked up the bit of paper. An you were right, it is a newspaper clipping, and that in itself is worth thingking about, because the only other place i’ve ever seen bits of newspaper cut out like this is at the bloke’s shop over the road where i bougt this calendar from. And last year when i went there and saw some newspaper clippings, there was a weird power cut, and it got very dark and there was this weird sound like something from another world, and when the light came back this bit of paper was just sitting there and it said on it “LOOK TO THE COMING OF THE HERALD,” and things started getting really weird from there o m8s.

well this one is like a headline cut out – that’s the long bit at the top – and a photo and a bit of writing. and the headline say:


and the photo is a photo of Dooper!!! Lovely old Dooper! What are these strange enchantments that start whenever you’re near??

Text says this:

Dooper, professor of Flight at Elf School and champion of humane treatment of reindeer in the process of antler-grinding, has passed away aged only several thousand years. Dooper was regarded as a revolutionary, preferring to teach students with practical demonstrations and exercises, and was the first Elf School professor ever to actually use live reindeer in even first-year classes. Once thought controversial, this new approach, allowing students to make their own mistakes and learn from them, earned him international renown. He put this fame to good use, establishing
Cont. page 2

What?? I don’t – I mean I thought we, well didn’t we only just, I mean, but that’s, and didn’t… but that’s….!!!


We were JUST WITH HIM m8s, I don’t know what’s happening here!! There’s a big thing going on and I want to know what exactly it is!! Maybe if I can find the rest of the paper. You don’t suppose Dooper – chuckly old Dooper – faked his own death for some sort of insurance scam do you??


Oh dear mates I think we’re being followed! I heard running footsteps behind us!! Quick, back to the audition room, we’ll hide in ther!!



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