December 12th, 2007

A New Dore.

i just realised m8s that we never read the rest of that paper story, in the paper. About Dooper and how he died. Funny thing is, looking at it now, it doesn’t really say how he died, just that it was terribly complicated and being investigated still. But the thing is there’s a photo of someone who might be involved and

oe m8s i can’t even bear to show you who the picture is of, the person who might be tied up in Dooper’s death D:

but he isn’t dead! there’s nothing ghosty about Dooper at all, so why do ppl think he’ms dead!?!

there’s snater and duddles and dooley out walking in the snoe. they probbly don’t even know about all this do they m8s. they probbly think they’re just having a normal time at Elf School.

“But why?” Snater is saying. “He hasn’t done anything wrong, has he?”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” says Duddles. “If he had, do you think we’d be allowed to know?”

“What you mean?” Snater.

Dooley is a very polite Elf, and he say, “I think what Duddles means is that he has a gleam in his eye. He’s very clever, Chris. Care and caution, caution and care.”

Then all three boys look up into the sky,

and they see…


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