December 13th, 2007

Yeah, here we are, some dads have arrived to watch the play. Well, mums have arrived as well but they’re off talking about how they made the props and BORING GIRL THINGS, about which I do not cur.

But the dads are lurking a distance away and are talking to each other about previous Snatavity plays! These particular dads are proudly talking about Snatavity plays, a topic they quite like, because in previous years their kids were all picked to play Snatter!

Here are the dads.

Richard Attenborough

His son played Snatter twenty years or so ago (he’s had another kid since, which is why he’s here), using an old Snatavity script that they dug up from the school archives. Generally they write a new one each year, but for his kid they thought he looked so much like the baby Snatter that they redid an old classic, from the old days when the school was in black & white.


Mel Smith

Hehe Mel’s kid is really funny because he has a really nice version of tourettes, where he just says polite versions of rude words! So they thought this was so funny they let him be Snatter years and years ago, this was even longer ago than Mr Attenborough’s kid, in the 80s, so Mel’s kid has grown up now (but he’s had another one too). He was like “Ho ho bloomin-ho, merry bloomin-Christmas” it was well funny. Our mate Snowman went to that one.


The Big Lebowski

Little Davey Lebowski was a particularly loveable Snatter, and they got Henry Mancini in to write the music for that year which was:

completely brilliant, and by far the most festive bestest Christmas score ever written in the modern era.

so thanks for that Mancini, and finally the last dad:


Buzz Lightyear

Yeah, Buzz has a kid now, and he was Snatter in a Snatavity play around the same time as Richard Attenborough’s kid. It was called “the Snatavitye,” which was a very funny joke, except that silly fool people didn’t notice the difference, so whenever you try and talk about Big Lebowski’s son’s Snatavity, everyone just thinks you’re talking about Buzz Lightyear’s son’s Snatavitye. Very annoying. Also, the teachers who put that one together kept churning out sequel after sequel, year after year. It was actually an all right Snatavity though, but it was just a bit oversaturated since, you knoe? they played out the franchise a bit too much imo.

The dads’re laughing and having a friendly argument about which of their kids was best (hint: lebowski), and wondering who will play the Snatter this year. LITTLE DO THEY KNOE that the actual Snatter himself is in the play! Just not being Snatter!

Who is playing Baby SNatter? What character is Snatter himself being? Who did they let Puffy be so he wouldn’t be able to wear that hideous reindeer costume? Will BEazie do anything to mess the whole thing up? Where’s Pete during all this???

They take their positions and the curtain raises for… THe Snatavity Playe.

but because this is an advent calendar there’s actually a chocklat behind it. So let’s have that! It’s in the shape of ANTICIPATION.


nom nom nom






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