December 7th, 2008

Friendes, oh friendus. I’ve got a chocollate already today! Yes! The place is completely covered now in christmas trees, they must really be having a proper full-on decorate in the shops today. I should think the only reason I haven’t seen anyone actually doing a decorate is that they were covered by the many trees they’ve been putting up, which just get more plentiful the further we go.

Well i was pushing through trees when I found a dore! I think it was a dore! It was just like the dore we found on day one – but it said SEVEN ON IT!! That sounds suspiciously like it’s because we’re up to seven dores doesn’t it, as if we were in a calendar? I don’t noe what’s happening, it’s as if there’s a calendar happening around us, but I definitely didn’t go in a calender this year! I haven’t found one yet!

But anyway, today’s chocolate was of one funky sequinned space suit. Weird that isn’t it, I don’t knoe why. But we can tuck into that while we wait for the sand to run out in the Account and see today’s story of Snatter. It nearly gone look

there it goe…



  • Euan says:

    the hypergriffin in the cellar!!! moh omlo I get it good show

  • Adrian Wood says:

    Oh m8s, the HTML is all gobbledy-gooked! (Unless you’re ready this in the future when it’s all fixed, in which case this comment is all nonsense :D)

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