December 8th, 2008

Okay well everything’s definitely going a bit funny now.

Have you seen how many christmas trees and dangly lights and tinsels there are around here? I know shops like to get christmassy at christmas but this is TOO christmassy! I can’t even fight my way through the actual trees and stuff to walk around!! We’re going to have to go through a dore. Look! go over to a wall and look what you find, they’re all tucked and hidden between trees now, but go and look!

yeah! did you see it?

Yeah, there’s Dores everywhere! it looks like Dickensia in here now! Dores everywhere and they all say 8 on them! All of them!! I know we haven’t found a clanedar yet but it’s like we’re SURROUNDED by calender!!

Shall we try one?

shall we try a dore?


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