December 17th, 2008

That’s a good point actually i’d forgotten about what’s-her-name. o yeah, mum.

HEHEHAHA just kidding i noe her name. it’s Mum.

But this grottoe is really great. I don’t want to go home yet. It’s like a giant cuckoo clock and we’re walking about in it, and there’s decorations everywhere. I don’t ever want to go home!

The only thing that’s a bit odd is those blokes over there. Look, over in the corner, talking about things they like. They look so cross! I don’t know what’s made them cross, because they’re really only talking about things they like! Those things are meant to make them happy but they’re making them cross!

I think these are some more of those Cranium Nerds. I’m going to go and have a listen, you stay there.

Yeah I think they’re Cranium Nerds. They were all talking about Lord of the Rings, you know that film lord of the rings? Well they’re having the weirdest conversation about it. One of them was going on about how much the films were terrible and they didn’t do the story properly at all, and there was a bit of talk about someone i don’t remember in it whose name was like Tum Tumteetum, and some of them like him and some don’t but they all said the film was rubbish… and then one of them – one of the ones who said it was a rubbish films – said he’d got the extended editions dvds. And they all said they had them. And one of them had them separately, AND bought them in one box! amazing, AND, he was actually annoyed, at the ppl who make them, for making him buy it twice! I don’t noe what they did to make him but the others all agreed, then they started saying about high definition ones they’d downloaded. But just a minute ago they said they didn’t like it! why do they keep getting itt!!

So I’m not listening to them any more. Let’s go instead and see what’s going on in the Grottoe.



  • Ade says:

    OK, hang on, the comments aren’t against the specific POST, but are against the whole DAY, so you’ll only see these on December 17th posts anyway. Well this is just a mess now. Anyway, just keep reading, you’ll get it when you get it. OK done now byyyyye!

  • Ade says:

    Wait, are the comments not against the specific post? Oh noes! It’ll make sense when you get December 17th 2008, promise!

  • Ade says:

    Thanks for the contexto! (That’s Japanese for context.)

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