December 21st, 2008

We’re down in stabbles now, where the reindeer are. They’re all sneering and chuckling and Rudolph is grumping in the corner. He doesn’t even look drunk today. I wonder if he saw that Duddles was sad and stopped, or what happened

Snatter go up to reindeers. He will probbly go to prancer an – oe! He go to Rudolph!

He go to rudolph, RUDOLPH? he goe, WITH YOUR NOSE SO BRITE (rudolph not sure about that bit,) WON’T YOU GUIDE MY SLÉ TONIGHT??

Wow! Rudolph goe :O he can’t believe snater would ask him to do it when he’s got a reputation for being a bit of a wreck! But he show Snatter that he have no bottles today, he never ever gets drunk on a day when sleys might have to fly, just in case he’s needed! What! O Rudolph, that’s very sensibble! Maybe you will be able to stop your alcoholic spiral after eights!


Bohh, look at those other reindeers faces theyre jealous!

And off they ride, Snatter and Rudolph, to fight evil Antisnatter together! Come on, run, we can watch them goe!!

Yeahhh! Look at that! And here in the Grottoe all the Elf’s look really happy especially Duddles, who’s waving him hat and watching Rudolph be amazing! Rudolf is going to be attached to Sley in a bit and then off they’ll go to try and fight Antisnatter probably! Not sure where he is but if anyone can find him it’s Snatter!

O look! Rose looks a bit funny after seeing snatter posing on that horse. she’s gone all funny-looking her eys are a bit odd and really watching him very hard.

“No,” she goe quietly. “It’s a silly idea. It must be him, it must be, look at him in those clothes and on that reindeer. It must be him, I know it. I couldn’t, he would never, it wouldn’t be right, the Chosen One! No, it wouldn’t be right. Oh but look at him in those red clothes! …Noe!”

She looks a bit cross! Sort of with herself! Pore Rose I hope she’s ok.

Uh-oh tho

Bloke of Christmas Future is talking to her. Well not talking, he never seeme to talk, but here he im.

“Future?” say Rose. “Christmas Future…?”

and strange pictures appear in the fog of christmas future! Ooe, what are these pictures?

It is a lady cuddling Snatter Claus! What! Don’t let her do that, Snatter! Girls are gross as everyone knoe. But it isn’t the young Snatter we’ve been watching, from before the Chosen One prophecy turned out to be about him, no it’s Proper Snatter, when he is jolly & fat and they’ve found out he’s Snatter and everything. Actually maybe she’s not so bad because they look really happy and nice!

Oh look at them she’s fiddling with his coat and things like she’s his wife, I wonder why Christmas Future show Rose this?

I dunno if Snata should have a wife. FIRST off they grow out of girls and girls are really weird, and second off wifes are not as cool as NINJAS, and sanata already has those. Plus they make husbands eat cellery to go on a diet, bleaugh.

Aw look at them overseeing elf’s! They look really happy! I don’t noe m8s maybe a Mrs Snatter would be all right. In theory she could have certain skills that compliment Snatter’s (better) ones.

MOHH case in point, HEHEHE she’s made him eat sellery, I said so! Hehe he looks grumpy and she’s going mohh. Fair point tho mrs snatter he is a bit tubby in the Christmas Future which is very important to being Snatter, but you’ve got to look after your heart haven’t you.

oe maybe that’s what wife’s are for.

The images change and there are lots, and they’re nice. But Rose looks a bit worried, and she goe, “But… I couldn’t presume to… he’s the Chosen One! What if, what if I don’t say anything? What if I keep quiet? There will be someone else for me, won’t there? Someone else, surely, someone less…


just someone else.”

ooe, the pictures change, and Christmas Future point solemnly.


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