December 26th, 2008

All right then. I think it’s time to wave bye to the world of Christmas and go back through to the real world, through this final dore. The blurry shapes on it have resolved into letters, and now it says “OUT”.

Here I goe, I will open the doore.

Hey, I wonder if all those christmas tree bits will still be in the shopping centre? Only, weren’t they part of the Spirit of Christmas, and isn’t the Spirit of Christmas sort of… dead now? Isn’t it?

Is the Spirit of Christmas dead now? That’d be a bit of a let-down ending I think… Well, it’s all finish now and we always goe home after Christmas. So, I suppoes we should just goe or something!

Well. Opening the dore now.

Opening the way out dore….


Yes, that’s right, I remember now. Same as last year.


I’m not sure I want to go thru that dore just yet m8s. I feel a bit weird about it, um. Let’s… I know, let’s go down there, to where the snoe is. It’s nice down there, the …

ok the dore is seems to be following us about a bit, erm, let’s maybe walk a bit faster down.

oe. dore is moving after us faster, um… let’s walk sloe?

yes. okay. dore is moving sloe. So at least it’s not trying to scoop us up or that. It just will be right there behind us, whenever we um, want to er

to goe.

I say let’s join in the party first! A lot of Snomens are gathering in this big snowy area outside Elf Grottoe and they seem to be waiting for something, whispering, like they have heard something is going to happenne. And we knoe, because we saw the future a minute agoe, that they’re going to have a big lovely party in a minute. But they don’t seem to be in a party mood now, so I wonder what changes? Let’s wait and see!

Come on lets hide in I mean let’s hang around in these snomen and see what happens! Party soon! Here it comes!


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