December 3rd, 2009

Helloe, I’m outside today looking for an outside dore, because I wanted to see if it was snowing as much as Dooley reckoned yesterday. I suppose it sort-of is, ish, but it’s basically just what you’d expect in the North Pole. Even still tho, everyone’s outside at the minute, because Dooley said there was honestly just a big amount of snow at one point, it was like a huge snowball of just SNOW coming down like that, just, *SNOW*

Yeah so Dooley is here, and Snatter has come out of his hut, and Duddles, and – oe, who this?

Man here who nobody seems to know. Hello man?

“Ostronomy Oodah!

That weird, who are you?

“Mine are also satchel-rans!”

Hehe, that doesn’t make sense!


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