December 5th, 2009

Helloes. There’s a lot of standing about going on today outside the Elf Workshop, because everyone’s a bit worried. I mean, apparently some sort of FORCE is on its way and they want to be ready for it, but they don’t know what it is! It’s nearly “Christmas”… but they don’t know what that should be! They’ve always just winged it until now! It’s time to get it sorted out, elfs! Get your act together!

Anyway, Snatter and Rose have been journeying all night and daye, and now everyone’s crowding round Duddles who has his Log Book open. Duddles has been reading what Snatter has been writing, and is telling everyone else. He’s telling them really excitedly the story of their journey, doing actions and sound effects and that – but then someone said it might be easier to just tell them with words so he did.

Words goe:

“Snatter and Rose travelled across the frozen wastes! The snow lashed at their faces as they went through the forbidding storm! Eventually, they came to… the fortified igloo!

“wherein waited the floating head of the actor Richard Burton’s relative, the guardian of the Icicles of Powar!!

Everyone roll their eyes a bit.

“Get on with it Dudles,” go Dooley.

“All right, so. They made their way up the mountain and into the fortress, where they met…


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