February 25th, 2010

Space! The final most fronty!

The Snatterstar Snattactica drifts through the stars, without any power (except like air and that because obviously they made it in the future so it doesn’t need power for those because everyone would die whenever anything went wrong so they’ve sorted it out. But that’s ALL we can do in here at the moment! Just breathe! Look, i’m going to do it now: hhh. there, that’s the most we can actually get done.)

The central computer, “Patch,” is completely dead as a doo-doo, and we can’t even turn the screen on to talk to people any more! everything’s down!

How did it come to this?

Well actually, I know how it came to this. When I was getting better, mr big tree told me all about what had been happening while I was away. Here’s how it went down.

After the White NInjer took me away to be trapped in the tower, he disappeared. But then Stephen! kept getting called away,

and that’s when the White Ninjer would come back! Which made Snatter think Stephen! was the white ninj. But then, white ninja warned them that Christmas Was Coming, and that was bad (which it was, but he was lying about what was coming, because Yulicron was coming really, which is like the biggest Mecha Snatter ever, and he was just having horrid fun with them), so Zordon

gave Snatter a special coin that would unlock the Christmas Ninjers’ powers to fight it, using the power of magic icicles! Ok, so, good, the Xmas Ninjas would’ve been able to fight Mecha Snatter, good, except on the way back Snatter started meeting twelve omens of bad things to come, and they all hurt him and Rose in different ways!

And then while he was gone, Zordon got killed!! I think?? or something!

Meanwhile, Duddles discovered the remains of the Antisnatter

frozen in ice, but he was hollow and his insides had crawled out and gone somewhere! How horrible!

And then, luckily, in the future, Snatter is old and has a space ship, so he came back in time to rescue everybody, and now here everybody is, all rescued and safe!

Well, all right, not safe. Hurtling towards certain death at the hands of Yulicron, actually, the most big evil Mecha Snatter ever! Because the White Ninjer turned out not to be Stephen! but a huge horrible monster controlled by the Antisnatter, and that uses brain hypnosis to make you think its lure is a white ninjer, when actually it’s just a dangly bit!

And So, the crew of the snattersnat Snattactisnat sit in a sort of quiet calm, having accepted their f8.

except —


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