December 8th, 2011

[Author’s note – Today’s entry contains a recently controversial figure! I think you’ll be fine, it’s not one of the top-tier ones, but I bet I wouldn’t include this guy if I was doing it today. Oh well!]

You knoe… if you put two of these twisty things together, they sort-of *click* together in a way that really fits.

One of you m80s did say something about dna, and that’s what they look a bit like, the way the coloured strands touch the other twisty and lock together. I thought they were chocklate twists with hundreds & thousands on tbh, but I wonder if there is something a bit more to them?

they’re so glowy and warm….

“HEY!” go Nobbly boy suddenly, snapping me out of it. thx nobbly, I was a bit far-off then, those twisty things are just SO xmassey.

He goe, “Look! A little dragon!!”

And he’s right, there’s a little dragon sitting over near the Xmas Ninjers! Now that’s PARTICKLERLY odd because yeah! We’ve all noticed it now haven’t wee, that same dragon has been lurking about in all the memories about Snatter’s life. But I don’t remember there being ANYTHING about Snatter having a pet little draggun that followed him about at any point in his life. It’s very odd that the same dragun would be in all those memories, but also that it would be here now, like it’s flying about between all the times ppl are remembering snatter.

but if i was snata… and there was that little dragon… then i would DEFINITELY KEEP IT AS A PET BECAUSE LOOK AT IT AWW ITS CUTE AW

Nobbly, let’s go and pat it and fuss it!!

“Yeh!” he go (boys don’t like cute things, but they do like things that can breathe fire, and this is a compromise between the tu.)

Little dragon is sitting there looking happye, not running away or breathing fire! Let’s stroke its head and tickle under its chin and


Nobbly, are you having any trouble with this plan? Only, I do not seem to be able to touch the little dragon.

“Ye, that is funnye you should say that, because I too am unable to actually touch the little dragon! It’s like there’s invisible barriers around it isn’t it!”

yes, like a sciencey force feild!!

“Yes! You try and put your hand near the dragon, and BONK, your hand hits an invisible wall!”

yeah, BONK!

“…hehe. that is a comedy word. omlo. BONK”

BONK, ibibib

“Well what are we going to do? We can’t just NOT pet the little dragon!”

O blimmineck, I’m sorry nobbly, sorry dragon, but I have become completely distracted, by the fact that the Xmas Ninjers have finally got their act together and learned to speak properly! Well DONE Christmas Ninjers! O unless it was you M8s, did you fix the translation thingy?

No, apparently he didn’t and doesn’t seem to appreciate being asked.


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