December 12th, 2011

Well we didn’t find any hideous beests on that planet yesterday, so today, Captain M8s done a spectral analysis of the space between Earth and this planet. It seems his job is that he is an inspector of sectors of the spectral spectrum. Don’t no what that job is called, they should come up with a name for it.

“SO!” he goe, due to drama purposes, “I can see where the monster is going next, and we should probably head off that way Snatter if we are to track it down!”

(They just want to get this done with now so they can go back to trying to fix this whole situation.)

SO off we went to the next co-ordinates, following the trail of the monster. Maybe we would find it on this new planet!

Odd thing thoe, while we were on our way, I saw the head and shoulders of the actor Liam Neeson floating about and talking to itself. I’m not sure it is a ghost, looking at it, I think it might actually be a hollygram.

That’s weird, I wonder why there would be a hollygram of Liam Neeson hanging around getting mistaken for the giant floating head of the actor Richard Burton. Ehh well who cares he’s probably just as good!

So here we are on yet another weird alien world, where Snatter has been delivering presents. While he does that, the M8s Crew have been tasked with tracking down the terrible monster. All we can do is ask ppl though, since there seems to be no real sign of it being about.

We met a very unusual alien fellow when we landed, called “Flib-bib”. He was like a man with a bucket for a head and covered in mud and flowers and stuff. He was quite pushy, but after a brief back-and-forth he directed us to this bit of the forest, where we are waiting for an alien friend of his to arrive.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting the hang of making these dores open on the advent calendar thing. You have to sort-of slide it back and forth until it gets all slithery, and then the doore sort-of dissolves and you can start getting chocks out! So! Here you go then everybody, here —


what nobbly? I hope you’re not thinking of having more than your share of Chockos, it’s ONE for EVERYBODY. The exact right amount comes out.

“No, I mean, I don’t think it is a good idea to force advent calender chocks to come out before it is the correct time. I am VERY SERIOUS about correct advent calender use.”

What, you’ve never secretly popped open the next day’s dore and had a look at the picture?


What, you’ve never opened all the doors on 1st of December and just eaten it like a boxo of choxoes?


hehe, quite rite, me neither! You’re not as naughty as I thought then. We both stand for advent calender correct using then.

“But you are forcing open advent calender dores before it’s time for them! I am not happy that this is the correct way of going about thinges!”

It’s ok nobbls. Point one, first off, I have not opened a door before it was the right day. This is the first advent calender I’ve ever seen that opens dores by itself, and yes, ok, i’ve opened a few dores before they opened. But ON THE RIGHT DAY. Right? And point two: who says this is even an advent calender even? It’s a weird ball-shaped machine with slidey panels and laser chocks! I noe that’s a lot LIKE an advent calender, but it by Noe Meens actually the same as one. It might just be a chocklate dispensing machine that just HAPPENS to stock 24 chockoes at a time! (which is sort of what an advent calender is, hence the confusion.) In conclusion I say stop being afuss.

“Hmm, ok,” say nobbly, and ackwee S’s.

So! Today’s chockle is of an detachable hood, from off an anorack. Fair enough, let’s dole those out for everybody OE

oeoeoeeeoo weird. That was weird. My head went all sparkly again. O that hasn’t happened for a bit. It went, “edamsawhcaerotnoisicedehtnehwtniopehtmorfsdrawtuohcaerew”.

Hopefully I can calm down before our contact “Plopbop” arrives or I’ll look silly in front of an alien. I’ll have a chock to calm down.

Oe it taste so good


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