December 21st, 2011

Yes don’t be silly. It was tasty, and anyway boms do not come from advent calenders. They’d never be allowed to sell them.

oe yeah! I bet there’s loads more of that thing by now, let’s have a look, hang on…

Woa that’s very nearly done! Maybe we’ll be able to nom at it on Xmas day at this rate!! That’d be a nice xmas present. Or if that thing Sharon was on about, what was it she was saying? Sharon, what was it you were saying about this thing here?

Hm, she’s beeming things into my head again, very weird. A bit like the sparklies actually. It goe, “This is just the first little bit of a much longer song,” something something, “it’ll reference lots of songs and you can have fun spotting which ones, if you are real-ly, real-ly bored”

OK, I don’t noe what that’s about, but maybe it means that we’ll hear a song when it’s finished or something.

That would be interesting wouldn’t it. If there was a big song on xmas day.


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